Our Team



Liz Padjen, Co-Founder

Liz, a Houston-based comedian, has produced and hosted several local themed comedy shows. She credits growing up watching "The Golden Girls" as what inspired her to venture into the world of comedy. An advocate for professional growth in the community, Liz is constantly looking for fresh ways to promote opportunities for new or aspiring local comedians. 


Emily Padjen, Co-Founder

"Padj" is the brains and brawn behind YRCF. Having co-produced shows with younger sister Liz, she effectively and efficiently blends her extensive business expertise into her sister's comedy endeavors. When taking a breather from organizing YRCF, Padj can be found scuba diving, jumping out of planes, or traveling the globe.  

Catherine Compson, Official Artist of YRCF

Catherine makes art in pretty much any medium that doesn't require her to stare at a screen for too long. She works at a bookstore part-time and likes to go on nature hikes and climb things in her free time. She also enjoys playing video games that emulate these same activities, but with more violence, running, broad-scoped decision-making, and dragons than her typical day involves. 

Adonay Gallardo, Cinematographer

Adonay is an American director, producer and co-founder of Midnight Run Productions in Houston, Texas. He always has a can-do attitude and enjoys working with first time clients to turn basic ideas into great concepts. He currently is producing "Super Marsha", a documentary on a 80 year old Houston based triathlete and in post production on a short film titled  "Spunkflicker".

Rex Hudson, Musician

Rex Hudson is a native Houston musician, producer, and filmmaker. For his band, "Rex Hudson", he is a composer, multi instrumentalist, and songwriter. When he’s not playing shows with his live band, he’s in the studio producing tracks for TV and film. Hudson is also a co-owner of local production company Midnight Run Productions, which specializes in creative content.